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Description : Captured this live recording on my iphone and made it into a loop. Phantom of the Opera's Handbells. The bpm is a guess.

Description : blues guitar lick with a bit of funk and soul.

Description : used a rhythm guitar to create this bass like riff. flanger and echo effect.

Description : cycle effect added to a simple electric guitar loop.

Description : Xylophone loop I made from my jazzy joint track.

Description : a loop of me saying "rock on" with trailing echo

Description : another jazz bass loop.

Description : upbeat little sub synth bassline I came up with that could be used in a number of genres.

Description : simple upright acoustic bass loop. Could be used for jazz, blues, hip hop, ect...

Description : upbeat drum with a fun bassline. J Dilla inspired snare.

Description : fun drum loop with a little synth bass.

Loops 1 - 11 of 11
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