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Description : recorded with a single at2020usb+, been experimenting with these sloppy beats

Description : just something weird i came up with

Description : I love me a good smooth beat, and I particularly like how this one came out. Have fun with it!

Description : obviously im not even close to playing as well as nate smith, he's from another planet. seriously, his latest album is a series of solo grooves on the drums, and all of his previous albums are fire as well, definitely go check nate smith out

Description : going for that weird chris dave / j dilla type of feel

Description : another one of these kinda funky beat variations

Description : Having fun with ghost notes and funky beats, vol 4015919idunno

Description : Just a fill looped twice, have some fun with it

Description : End-of-recording-session type of beat where I was just fooling around on the drums, but it sounds nice when you loop it so here you go.

Description : Typical dnb groove.
AT2020usb -> Reaper on Macbook Air 2012 -> a bit of compression and eq to make it sound fat.
Message me if you want more like this!

Description : Acoustic drumset recorded with AT2020usb+ to a macbook air 2012 with Audacity (switching to Reaper soon).

Description : Acoustic drums recorded with AT2020usb+ mic on macbook air 2012 with audacity (just need to get the hang of reaper and I'll switch to it for editing v soon!). Just a simple groove that could be good for a sad hip-hop song or a kind of progressive rock ballad or whatever. (it's supposed to have that pause at the end btw, it's not a loose remainder that I forgot to cut - you'll hear it when you loop it in your daw)

Description : Anderson Paak type beat recorded on acoustic drums, used Audacity to make the sample.

Description : A kind of Aesop Rock type beat with a fast crazy characteristic to it - recorded on real drums

Description : Kind of a broken up Dre drum pattern with a bit of medium fast trappy hats - recorded on real drums

Description : Not like drum&bass jungle, but still jungle - recorded on real drums

Description : Reminds me of untitled unmastered. Add a bass loop and drop a verse to this, maybe? Recorded live on real drums

Description : A lot of kick and a lot of hi-hat, just a sprinkle of snare - recorded on real drums

Description : I'm not even sure what this beat was supposed to be, but I played it, recorded it, cut it, and I'm uploading it, so we're here. Recorded on real drums

Description : Just a little funky diddle recorded on real acoustic drums

Loops 1 - 20 of 20
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