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Description : this was made with all stock plugins on FL Studio 12 Dm for midi

Description : A Dominant Bebop

Description : im swerving in a gtr

Description : drop type loops i should make

Description : An emotional Trap melody set in A# minor, dont ask for the midi because this is like 7 sounds each with a different sound and grossbeat preset

Description : a minor or c major

Description : C# harmonic, for the 808s i would recommend going D# for 1 bar then D for the next 2 back to D#, then C for 1 bar B for two and back to C as those are the base notes of the melody

Description : I chopped up a sample I found on YouTube if you too listen to the full song look up "Dark Piano - Bipolar" uploaded to a youtube channel called Lucas King when i was using this for a beat i used C# as the root note for the 808s

Description : his pp jus did that

Description : I couldn't put drums over this loop so here ya go
hmu for the midi theres gross beat on it though so it won't sound the same

Description : FL 12 PoiZoze
Lydian Scale

Description : A basic but hard trap drum loop

Loops 1 - 12 of 12
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