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Description : 808 notes: B E

Description : Mam nadzieje e pan Marcin nie wyzwie mnie do oktagonu fame mma za to
all sound are from this video: Wcieky Najman je mandarynk

Description : 808 notes C# and G#
Idealne dla pudziana jak dwiga wode z biedry

Description : Made in D#m then brough down 12 semi tones
Chopped in fruity slicer
Some say that Krzysztof Ibisz used to play on it when he was a kid

Description : Club type
Its even fatter then Khaled

Description : Mariusz Pudzianowski to koks

Description : D# harmonic minor

Description : chu type

Description : notes: D#,D

Description : its really dark im scared
D# harmonic minor

Description : idk its wierd

Loops 1 - 11 of 11
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