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Description : key is Dm, chord progression is 1-2-3-6

Description : rodeo vibes // key is Am

Description : regular bell melody with a gross beat preset. Key is Bm

Description : ESSKEEETIT
Loop is in A# minor, let me know what other loops I should do

Description : A beat I cooked up a few days ago. Finished product is on my tracks on this site.

Description : serious heat

Description : A chill electric piano loop

Description : Shouldn't be too hard to use...enjoy! Also thanks for all the support on my loops!!! PS: If you are going to use this for a beat, PLEASE watch a video on how to tune 808s. 90% of the beats people send me have out of key 808, and it can ruin a great beat. Do it for yourself and do it for me lol. Please comment links if you use.

Description : Was going to make a beat with this and then decided not to...still sounds pretty good I think

Description : Could really be used for any genre...I used in an A Boogie/Chris Brown type of beat.
Pretty sure the key is F minor, but can someone pls tell me for sure?

Description : First time using gross beat, just figured out how to get it in Ableton...

Description : 808 mafia uses this sometimes, sounds cool so I remade

Loops (12)