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Description : Just whipped this up with a whole beat with it. This loop is straight fire!! Comment a link to what you cook up. Contact me (email/comments/pm) if you want custom loops, beats, or if you want to collab.

Description : insane loop. comment what you cook up. comment/email me if you wanna collab/custom loop/beat

Description : metro type loop. this is straight fire, already made a beat with it but wanna hear what y'all can cook up wit it. Hit my line/email if you wanna collab or need custom beats/loops :)

Description : banggggerrr. I made a beat with this already but I wanna see what yall can cook up. Comment what ya make or if you want custom melodies, loops, beats, or collabs!

Description : comment what you cook up & if you want a custom loop/beat, or a collab

Loops 1 - 5 of 5