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Description : just something from one of my latest works. have fun

Description : one of my works from my latest beat. have fun. I wanna hear your version please=) thanks fam

Description : Something I had sitting in a song I haven't seen for years

Description : Use and abuse it, If you make something you love, please giz a listen aye. Also a comment would be good, this was my first wub ever lol. oh made in logic pro using NI Massive plugin.

Description : continued. 194 or 97 bpm (cross genre lol)

Description : mellow piano, made in logic pro. This was made at 194bpm but should go into a 97bpm track aswell.

Description : basic dub synth. rising frequency

Description : (flanged,delayed) snare and hats. First upload so I hope nothing stuffs up.

Loops 1 - 8 of 8
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