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Description : Thick and dirty live bass recorded on an Ibanez in Em, with a strong but generously spaced rhythm.

Description : Buzzy solid synth bass sequence, will tolerate heavy EQ to push it to the background as low bass or make it a high frequency buzzing overlay, in Cm.

Description : Cheeky alternative electronic beat with small synth bass highlights and a bell in C on the 3rd beat. In Am key.

Description : Grooving full hip hop beat.

Description : Cheeky ticking beat, could be used as background percussion with high pass EQ to take out the kick.

Description : Droning dancey synth run with a bright turnaround (you have to wait for it!) in Am.

Description : Monolithic lolloping bass synth with a sombre tone in Am.

Description : Nodding hip hop beat with scratchy hats.

Description : High-energy synth sequence moving through different waveforms in D.

Description : Chocky dance synth with mini melody and an expanding cutoff in Bb.

Description : Straight electronic beat with a shaky synth turnaround in D#.

Description : Jabby sizzly high frequency synth sequence in Bm.

Description : Rising stabby synth brass horns in G#m.

Description : Tonal but wavering tight synth bell percussion in Bm, to add some unstable high frequency highlights to a heavy track, perhaps.

Description : Cheeky and plucky live guitar twiddle recorded with an Ibanez. In G#m, but will pitch shift.

Description : Mean slappy industrial beat in the spirit of NIN - Where Is Everybody? Try it with some growling bass and jabs of distorted guitar, perhaps.

Description : Straight, punchy, twitchy beat with a crisp sound.

Description : Rubbery-squelchy rolling bass synth to provide a solid backing for your breakbeat or electronic track. In Bm.

Description : Industrial synth slap bass suited to a pumping track. In Bm.

Description : Punchy live rock bass recorded with some compression and an edge of slight distortion for more buzziness. In G#m but will pitch shift up and down to fit a different key.

Loops 1 - 20 of 20
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