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Description :

Description :

Description : drums, kicks, tamb, shaker

Description : Fx, funky, silly

Description : kick, snare, fx, cow bell

Description : heavy, kicks, dirty snare, pump

Description : metal, string, heavy, dark

Description : bass, unique, heavy

Description : bass, unique, heavy

Description : Drumloop, Kick, Drums, Snare, FX, Hit

Description : pianoloop, c,e accord

Description : drums, hi hat reverb, fx

Description : a beat box loop within standard kicks and an inward k snare plus reverb, vocal

Description : a standard beat box loop within heavy kicks and hi hat plus reverb

Description : Heavy drums supported by the sound of steel springs plus dirty snare and a very quiet bass

Description :

Description : Sonar, Submarine, Thunder, Whisper Song

Description : This is one of my standard drum loops I created.
It has got just Kick,Hihat and Snare and a finishing effect sound. Maybe a bit too easy but this is HipHop ;)

Description : This is one of my standard drum loops.
Now number two but it goes on and on.

Description : A dreamly percussion loop.
Percussion, Wah-Wah, Kick, Clap, Bells

Description : A special pad-loop for HipHop.
Maybe a bit strange, but it's the way it is.
HipHop, pad, kick, hi hat, scratch

Description : Chilling Beat, Gitarre, Hihat, Drum, Bass

Loops 1 - 22 of 22