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Description : cool 808s + drums

Description : made in serum, just a synthesizer thing

Description : freaky

Description : Show me what you make

Description : Made in Serum and Ableton, sounds pretty awesome with some drums

Description : Kick is tuned to E for the first few bars than F#, then loops

Description : bass, awesome layered stereo 808 thing

Description : Bass notes: D A D , F C# F

Description : A crazy awesome drum loop with bass too

Description : A cool weird synth loop I made. Don't forget to show me what you make

Description : Nice melody thing, to get that weird sound I put it through a vocoder and messed with the settings

Description : Trap drum loop thing with bass

Description : made in ableton

Description : Different synth

Description : Not real strings. It's a sampler thing.

Description : drums, cool

Description : It's a pretty simple melody, but if you throw in some nice drums it could be a great beat.

Description : Thick trap drum thing. Bass notes are: G#, G# Octave, E, C#, A#

Description : Could be used as a drop or something. Made this with an arp in ableton

Description : Made in serum

Description : Made this loop with Serum + Echo + Autofilter with envelope and LFO

Description : Made this in ableton, sampled some stuff.

Loops 1 - 22 of 22
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