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Description : I'm back! Sorry for not uploading. Anyways, these are some drums that I was gonna use but ended up not releasing the track. So yeah feel free to use this. Please link you're track if used though. Thank you.

Description : feel free to use this
plz link

Description : this is some drums i used on a beat i made


Description : Some drums that I had on a beat. Decided to post this.

Description : Feel Free to Use This
Plz Link Your track If Used

Description : Feel free to use this.
Please link your track down below. :)

Description : Add any kind of 808. This applies to my previous loop.
Please Link your Track.

Description : Don't go too hard one me xd.
Feel free to use this loop.
Please link.

Description : Just some drums that I made in like 5 minutes.

Loops 1 - 10 of 10
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