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Description : another one of these

like and surbscruibe

Description : Some drums I put together in a different way than normal

Description : pizzicato preset in sytrus

feedback appreciated

Description : made with sytrus

feedback is appreciated

Description : made with an organ, could be good with some trap drums

Description : eeeeevil

Description : A nice trumpet swell with some bells in the background.

Description : Used in my beat More Trap, More Day

Morphine as always

Description : Trap drums, used almost all claps. First time posting a drum loop so feedback is, as always, appreciated.

Description : Quicky, made in morphine

Description : Used kasio flute NUC in morphine

If you make something with my loop, share it!

Description : Used morphine again,removed the reverb and fiddled with the EQ of the VOX Paranoid MC.

Description : second loop, made today with morphine

Description : Here is my first loop that I'm posting here, made in FL Studio with MiniSynth. Reminds me a little of the song California by Saba. I'm just starting out posting loops, and have only made basic trap beats with other people's samples before this, so feedback is much appreciated. Thanks!

Loops 1 - 14 of 14
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