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Description : Uplifting brass

Description : Last upload was in september had to come back strong

Description : My First trap loop uploaded to the trap genre

Description : Stomp Kicks bass hihat cymbal snare roll

Description : Trap Ready right here

Description : Sorry to everyone whos been messaging me i see it i just have been working all day everyday i appreciate your comments on my loops and you listening to my tracks for ones asking if i can make a beat for them i have alot of projects going on but i will get to you thank you all

Description : I came a long way from when i first started 3yrs ago now im killing these drums

Description : Arp with orchestral hit

Description : Piano and pad loop

Description : 808 for your trap beat

Description : keys from my newest beat

Description : first time using a guitar

Description : Nice bells to add to a track

Description : add with Bellz loop

Description : Brass from beat - Rise up

Description : Brass From new beat - We here

Description : Synth from my beat

Description : Drum Loop From My New Beat
Live Life-

Description : Havent uploaded in awhile this is a new drum loop

Description : Just hit play

Description : Something a little different just playing around with it not really the style i like to make so here you go hope you can do something with it

Description : Get the dirty south beat started right

Description : Choir used in my beat trap back

Description : brass for your next dirty south beat


Loops 1 - 25 of 38