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Description : DP Beats inspired loop, put remixes below!

Description : Dark trap bell melody, put remixes below

Description : Made with Nexus Hands up bells. Post your fire below

Description : Mystical sounding loop, made from a sample of a Nexus bell sound.

Description : Reminds me of Uzi/Speaker Knockerz. Feel free to use and put your remix below! Made with Omnisphere

Description : Strings and bells, inspired by 2013 Chief Keef. Made in Omnisphere

Description : Beautiful string and bells loop, inspired by Chief Keef/Speaker Knockerz. Made in Omnisphere

Description : Slightly detuned synth guitar loop that sounds like a ticking clock. Let's see what you can make of this!

Description : Drop remixes in the comments below. Some bright synth chords.

Description : Dark Chief Keef type piano , feel free to remix and post below

Description : Put remixes below!

Description : Basic melody, put remixes below!

Description : Add some strings and you will have a beautiful trap melody

Description : Feel free to remix and put link in below!

Description : Piano loop that I constructed inspired by DP Beats.

Description : Some random keys, Chief Keef type reverse piano

Description : My first loop, please give feedback!

Loops 1 - 17 of 17