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Description : made with nexus

Description : bells

Description : made with omnisphere and nexus (bass notes G-G-A#-A)

Description : which loops do you prefer...these or the vocal one's...btw root notes (C#-B-A-G#)

Description : guitars amd pads

Description : Whoever makes the best beat out of this...will get a free loop pack with these type of loops made by me!!!

Description : Vocal chops again (bass notes A-G#-F#)

Description : let's see what you got!!(bass notes C-G-G#-F)

Description : I really like this sample, but i dont know what to do with it...(follow the bass notes D-A-F-E)

Description : I dont know what to do with this!!

Description : link your projects

Description : made with vocal chops

Description : Let's twerk

Description : I wanna hear something twerkish!!

Description : link your projects

Description : Hit me up for the murda sub!!

Description : Pitch it down a little and you will have the same sample as kream (bass note c)

Description : Made with omnisphere

Description : Link your projects!

Description : F-G-D (bass notes) Link your projects!!!

Description : Link your projects!!

Description : I got a bed wit your name on it!!

Description : I also make personal loops (contact me if you want)!!

Description : Link your projects!! I wanna hear something good!!

Description : Made with dune

Loops 1 - 25 of 38