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Description : lofi stuff pretty nice
Description : weird bounce but still good
Description : sad mellow stuff. maybe make something good
Description : could be tight. hit me up if you use it
Description : another alright one. let me know if you use it
Description : it's alright nothing crazy. let me know if you use it!
Description : got some cool stuff going on right here
Description : gross beat and stuff
Description : dont know what you can do with it but maybe some super weird experimental stuff
Description : some detuned keys and reverses
Description : exotic and melodic.... :(
Description : really fuzz not sure how I feel about this one. hmu if you use it.
Description : creepy vibe to this. show me what you make with it.
Description : a spooky retro vibe to this I think its cool
Description : making melodies
Description : just some sounds slapped together
Description : hmu with what you do
Description : strings
Description : a little ringy
Description : put some music together
Description : some piano
Description : good to chop maybe
Description : i feel lil pump might dig it
Description : alot of reverb
Description : flutes and stuff
Loops 1 - 25 of 31
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