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Description : swag money

Description : thought y'all might like this

Description : don't mind me, just filling up your feed with loops *devil emoji* also i lowkey have no idea what the key is for this one

Description : this is def one of my favorite melodies, hope y'all like it *sunglasses emoji*

Description : older loop i had laying around

Description : sounds pretty nice and good and nice D#min

Description : kinda just a throwaway but it's got some vibes to it

Description : decided to bless y'all with this... go make some bangers

Description : epic gamer moment Emin

Description : yeet C# min

Description : yea boi lmk if you make some cool shit with this :)

Description : kinda inspired by the drums off Dark Queen. The melody i was trying didn't really work out so I'll let y'all have these drums

Description : figured I'd bless y'all with this one (key is Bmin)

Description : yea boi

Description : lil guitar loop that i probably won't use. also happy new year (:

Description : first guitar sample I ever recorded... make some bangers! (electric guitar but recorded thru a microphone)

Description : some lofi drums i probs won't use, enjoy!

Description : probably won't use this, so here ya go!

Description : key is Dmin

Description : a juicy piano loop I came up with, lmk if you make some heat!

Description : made these for a track but ended up not using them, but i think these drums have potential. make some bangers! 808 key: A min

Description : doin quite a lot of piano tings lately

Description : made with nexus in FL Studio. key: E minor

Description : let me know what y'all think
made in FL Studio 12

Loops 1 - 24 of 24
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