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Description : Made with an old MSX computer and seq'ed with cubase. Two bars and 99 bpm

Description : Annoying earworm bass synth loop, 99 bpm, 2 bars

Description : Percussion alike, 2 bars 110 bpm; echoing tapping sound

Description : weird sliding down effect, 110 bpm

Description : Funny rising effect, 120 bpm 1 bar

Description : Vocal fill in, myself and a woman's voice saying (title) on 4 tracks simultaniously at 112 bpm with a little reverb

Description : Dance theme, 4 bars, 116 bpm

Description : Rap / rock loop at 100 bpm, two bars

Description : One bar fill-in, 120 bpm

Description : Fill-in variation of the Pebble In My Shoe loop

Description : Four bar, 110 bpm drum loop with two glitchy sounds. Left the kick out here.

Description : Four bar, 110 bpm drum loop with two glitchy sounds.

Description : Somewhat strange electronic drumloop, 100 bpm, 4 bars, variation on the other loop

Description : Somewhat strange electronic drumloop, 100 bpm, 4 bars

Description : Eerie sound effect, useful as impact, break or atmosphere maker. Counts 8 bars.

If this inspires you, I'd love to hear what you did with it. Enjoy!

Description : Four bars of weirdness at 100 bpm

Description : Spooky sound effect, four bars long at 108 bpm. Use as intro or weird break.

Please, if used, I'd like to hear the result!

Description : Two bar loop at 110 bpm. The barber shows pictures of every head he had the pleasure to know. The fireman has a portrait of the queen in his pocket and the sky is deep blue.

Description : But not blunt either. Percussion loop at 120 bpm, one bar. Tom and a sort of snapping sound

Description : I took revenge on someone who destroyed my work, last night in a dream. This has nothing to do with the loop I made, except for finding a title.

Two bar rap loop, 98 bpm. Enjoy!

Description : Effect at 120 bpm / 4 bars

Description : a break effect, harpish sound with two added layers. Sound runs at 120 bpm and counts 4 bars (delay and reverb included)

Description : I had a 606 and sold it. Stupid me. I found this 122 bpm loop on cassette. Kick and closed hihat.

Description : I'm exploring my box of cassettes (K7 in French) to find stuff that might be useful. This is a hardcore drum loop, kick and clap at 152 bpm.

Description : Nine T's (90's) Rave sound

Loops 1 - 25 of 187
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