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Description : I took revenge on someone who destroyed my work, last night in a dream. This has nothing to do with the loop I made, except for finding a title.

Two bar rap loop, 98 bpm. Enjoy!

Description : Effect at 120 bpm / 4 bars

Description : a break effect, harpish sound with two added layers. Sound runs at 120 bpm and counts 4 bars (delay and reverb included)

Description : I had a 606 and sold it. Stupid me. I found this 122 bpm loop on cassette. Kick and closed hihat.

Description : I'm exploring my box of cassettes (K7 in French) to find stuff that might be useful. This is a hardcore drum loop, kick and clap at 152 bpm.

Description : Nine T's (90's) Rave sound

Description : Drum loop at 110 bpm

Description : Arousing drum loop at 100 bpm. Some sounds are intentionally NOT quantized

Description : Slow beat, 108 bpm with somewhat bouncing rimshot effect

Description : On request the vowel sample, without the reverb. Enjoy!

Description : Cut out the vowels of the vocal sample of one of my tunes "Don't try this @ home" (under the moniker DJ Peavey Blaster, 1999) and made this effect with it. Can be used as fill in or background effect

Description : Variation on Pump Up Da...
Bit more toms and delay. 110 bpm

Description : Volume? Maybe... Electronic loop at 110 bpm. Playing with pong-ish toms and hihats

Description : The toms and other hitwork, used as fill in in "I was born on a tuesday"

Description : same loop as "I was born..." but unprocessed

Description : Rock-pop loop at 100 bpm, eight bars.
Kick, hats, three layers of snare, a tom run at the end and a crash at the start. This loop has been mastered before upload. For heavier sound!

Description : Weird drum loop at 105 bpm. Hihats run at regular, triolic and dotted beats as if they can't decide.
Eight bars, kick, double snares and nervous hi hats and a pong-ish tom.

Description : Hip hop drum loop, 100 bpm and yes, 16 bars. Enjoy!

Description : Short piano part at 110 bpm

Description : Trumpet riff of two bars, to be used as accomp.

Description : Fill in or effect, used a pitched tom. Two bars and 100 bpm. For weird electronic purposes!

Description : Fill in at 100 bpm, 1 bar with panning claps

Description : Fill in or percussion loop with pitched toms. At 100 bpm and two bars

Description : Nervous electronic effect at 110 bpm

Description : Percussion loop, 2 bars. Rimshot waving on tone heights

Loops 1 - 25 of 168
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