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Description : Weird voicy effect; 120 bpm and with delay and reverb

Description : Melancholic piece of rug, to land on barefeet. 110 bpm

Description : Bass loop at 120 bpm, 4 bars. Keys: B A G C

Description : Fill in or variation on the Trapiano loops. Distorted piano and a reversed cymbal

Description : Trap loop with distorted piano sound.

Description : Piano-like trap loop at 149 bpm

Description : DNB loop, 160 bpm, mastered. Please let me hear the result if used, thanks! Enjoy!

Description : so I took an older loop and modified it

Description : Eight bars and 110 bpm drum loop with a noisy background

Description : Weird percussion loop with a certain hook... 114 bpm and two bars

Description : 1 bar loop, percussion or whatnot.

Description : Rap loop at 100 bpm with a Leiria bell in the background

Description : Two bar drumloop at 111 bpm

Description : Percussive supporting loop at 100 bpm, 4 bars. Only a tom and a hihat.

Description : Bass loop, 4 bars, 124 bpm. Electronik

Description : Rap/dance beat, 120 bpm

Description : Degenerated filthy two bar drum loop at 116 bpm. This might blow ur ears out, literally.

Description : Acid bassline. You'll have to add the modulation as desired. 120 bpm and 5 bars.

Description : Rising sound effect at 120 bpm and comes with a long reverb

Description : Special sound effect. 120 bpm and includes a long reverb.

Description : Special sound effect. 120 bpm and includes a long reverb.

Description : Made with an old MSX computer and seq'ed with cubase. Two bars and 99 bpm

Description : Annoying earworm bass synth loop, 99 bpm, 2 bars

Description : Percussion alike, 2 bars 110 bpm; echoing tapping sound

Description : weird sliding down effect, 110 bpm

Loops 1 - 25 of 208
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