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Description : Spacey effect at 116 bpm
Description : Special effect, to be used at 116 bpm
Description : Azork has arrived. 118 bpm sequence loop
Description : Sequencial thingy, 4 bars, 118 bpm
Description : It is. 27 + 20. I made this 120 bpm 4-bar loop. Heavy kick and snare, some toms, hihats, shaker and at the end a reversed, tuned down cymbal.
Description : Loop made from the sounds my chair makes. 101 bpm, one bar
Description : Tapping my fingers on my desk, mic lying on the desk... Added some effect. Two bars, 110 bpm. Enjoy!
Description : I didn't find much slide effects on here, so I made one myself. 108 bpm and it has some delay on it. Enjoy!
Description : Pop loop, same as the 114 version, at 110 bpm
Description : Pop loop, 4 bars. Kick, hats, percussion and snare, 114 bpm
Description : 132 bpm, two bar loop, with a lucid hi hat
Description : Variation on the other Sisters Day Out. Two bar, 110 bpm
Description : Modified kick and hihat, one hit
Description : Two bar, 110 bpm loop. No animals were harmed for making, recording and uploading this loop.
Description : Beatboxing percussion, two bar loop at 115 bpm
Description : Two bar percussion loop "with a surprise". I was recording myself playing the djembe, while my wife was on the phone, having a funny conversation with a friend. You can hear her giggle and say "ja" in the background. I left it in :)
Description : Loop at 110 bpm, 4 bars. Used my mouth, fingers, ankle joint and a spoon to create sounds. You can also hear my heartbeat. Hope this inspires many!
Description : Electro drum loop at 104 bpm, two bars
Description : Percussion loop, 1 bar. It's me playing live on a djembe and making a shaker sound with my mouth. 120 bpm.
Description : Hip-hop loop at 90 bpm, two bars. Variation on the other "vegetables in a flask". Enjoy!
Description : Two bar hip-hop loop at 90 bpm, deleted the kick
Description : Hip-hop loop at 90 bpm, two bars
Description : Two bar counting fill-in at 120 bpm. Made with Cubase 9
Description : 4 bar 101 bpm loop with an effected wooden sound
Description : Loop at 130 bpm with a sound I made with my mouth. I was testing my new microphone, so... Of course, especially now, I'm very curious to hear how it has inspired you!
Loops 1 - 25 of 63
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