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Description : distort 808
Description : sadness
Description : hehheheh tried to make reese in serum.
Someone can teach me how to make it?
Description : first part
Description : I'm done here with house loops, they are so shit for me (jk)
Description : dry for all ppl
Description : just a 2nd
Description : Without bass hit, key in G
Description : only for test
Description : but, hoover isn't the city?
Description : yey yey yey
Description : grawls (dry) but always everywhere
Description : GRAWLs everywhere
Description : FASTER FASTER
Description : (my creative of names are gone)
Description : (my creative of names are gone)
Description : my friend made that loop
Description : xxx-plosion, heavy
Description : xxx-plosion
Description : xxx-plosion
Description : only bsynth
Description : sorry for all folks
Description : out of bounds
Description : hahahaha this is fun
Loops 1 - 25 of 129
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