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Description : Catchy bedroom pop Chords 01
Nimstarr, clairo, ikey, house, indie, fun, groovy, rhodes piano, lofi

Description : Waiting room music guitar
jazz, boss nova, soul, romantic, chill, rnb, lounge music, lofi

Description : Sundown Chords
Please show me your good work.
its in 6/8 timing
Rnb, soul, pop, guitar, romantic, sundown, cute, chill, jazz

Description : EVIL DARK GUITAR
metal, death, grunge, punk, heavy, horror

Description : Key of E minor, have fun please show me your work :)
soul, Rnb, lofi, k rnb, lounge music, 90s, guitar, synth

Description : 80s 90s Aesthetic Chill pop vibes
Link yo work I would to see your tracks!
Key of E major, needs cleaning up badly.
aesthetic, lofi, spacey, dreamy,

Description : Key of A major.
Please send me you work or you w-
aesthetic, lofi, spacey, dreamy, nostalgic, summer, beach vibes,

Description : Loyle Carner x francis and the lights x kanye vibes piano/keys
Key of A major, show me your work
80s, 90s, dinner vibes, rnb, soul, chill, sassy like me, lounge vibes, mum store vibes, night life, aesthetic, lovey dovey vibes,

Description : 80s 90s Aesthetic Joe Satriani vibes guitar synth
aesthetic, saint pepsi, lofi, spacey, dreamy, psychedelic

Description : N O S T A L G I C
clairo, tyler the creator, joji, frank ocean, ghibli, kawaii, cute, lofi, happy, fun, disney, pop, chill pop electro,

Description : I like hokey pokey
clairo, tyler the creator, joji, frank ocean, ghibli, kawaii, cute, lofi, happy, fun, disney, pop, chill pop electro,

Description : Retro ethereal vapourwave Mall music pad from the 90s
Key of E major, may need some cleaning up.
aesthetic, saint pepsi, lofi, spacey, dreamy, psychedelic, nostalgic, vhs, luxury elite, hotel pool vibes, waterfront dining, ambient, 90s, 80s

Description : kanye inspired
blueface, lil pump, kanye, nle choppa, dababy, fish and chip shop music

Description : I manually did this on my midi keyboard and I tried to get it on beat with many attempts so I gave up after an hour and quantised it.
soulja boy, dababy, yung gravy, private home activites, home cooking

Description : Phonk style, just need the drums and bass.
evilmane, freddie dredd, apoc krysis, memphis phonk rap

Description : idk what I made but
please share your track

Description : BLissful bathroom music - Just needs some distortion on it.
Please share your work or ye
dababy,fatnick, coi leray, lil pump, bhad babie, yung gravy, home cooking

Description : I sliced and diced main menu music from a game using the native Slicex plugin from Fl studios and then pitched it down.
Phonk it up with some cowbell melody and it would sound wild.

Description : 80s 90s ICE CREAM Retro Synth
link me yo work!
Its in Cmajor.

Description : 80s 90s Soul Rhodes Piano
Link me yo work!
its in Dmajor

Description : Murderous Sine Pluck
Its in A#minor, Link me yo work!

Description : Drake x Playboi Carti Type Keys
Its in Bminor, link me yo work!

Description : So pretty Sine Pluck
Its in cminor, link me yo work!

Description : Yung Lean x Nav Type Soft Sine Pluck
Its in D Major and is inspired by Yung Lean and Nav
Link me yo Work, would love to hear!

Description : 80s 90s Soul Mallets
Link me yo work!
Its in Gmajor.

Loops 1 - 25 of 45