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Description : some dreamy

Description : tune your damn 808s

Description : mood contrast from my last loop. a loop for the real creatives.

Description : rc-20 on everything, rc-20 on everything, rc-20 on everything, rc-20 on everything etc

Description : click on my user for my instagram and share what you make with my loops, tryna discover some new creators to listen to on here

Description : some depressing piano for you lot to smack some drums under or something.

Description : live recorded this on a trash mic but the quality is pretty cool so yeh its yours

Description : go crazy go stoopid

Description : mess around with this and show me what you get

Description : bored of trap but found this from time ago so might as well upload

Description : i like it but idk what i wanna do with it so have it

Description : just played some nice sounding chords, chop them up and show me what you make

Description : this is so sad, one download= one prayer

Description : old piano loop i made which i never used so here you go

Description : got a boom bap vibe with this one, mix it up a bit from all the trap stuff on looperman

Description : 6lack is cool so i guess this is kinda inspired by him, ambient etc. lemme see what you can do with this.

Description : made a synth, played some chords, reversed it. now show me what you can do with it :)

Description : havent uploaded in months lol so show me what you do with this! good sample for a calm laidback beat.

Description : .....

Description : .....

Description : Go check out some of my own tracks if you like the loops I make!

Description : .....

Description : Very chill

Description : 1st Loop... Enjoy.

Loops 1 - 24 of 24