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Description : on guitar
Description : same setup on guitar
Description : on guitar
Description : using same strange setup on guitar as I mentioned in element 1
Description : same guitar set up as I mentioned in element 1
Description : OK I BEEN BUSSY MY SET UP HERE is low e top string on guitar tuned to b7 flat next string down under top string the A.. string IS tuned too G flat the next string d string is tuned too b7 flat also next sting is normal g then I have 2 b strings instead of e no high e string one is tuned to b as normal cept flat other is tuned too b7 flat you kinda got too make your own cohrds up find sweet spots around the guitar neck
Description : im using Yamaha dd 55c drums with sticks I don't know what genere it is
Description : hitting the drums with sticks me playing Yamaha dd55 c digital percussion set
Description : 2 guitars
Description : early morning practice
Description : guitar hook
Description : something on synth don't realy know genre
Description : here is something els that came out of that same loop of me singing converted to midi ran thru midi plug in synth
Description : I sang intoa microphone I made it a loop I then converted it to midi I put it thru midi synth plugins this one thing that came out
Description : SOMTHING MADE ON SYNTH PLUGIN I don't know what genre this is as depending on how you use it it would fit into many
Description : something I did years ago going thru my back cattalog blast in past THIS TYPE OF STUFF YOU WOULD USE WITH CYMBALS HIGHHATS AND LOW LOW TONE KICKS OR BASS DRUM SOW BEATS
Description : me on my guitar
Description : still bassing out this riff is part of a first bass riff I learned ultererd for you in practice of a song a band called smack hole was in at the time in 19 90 and wrote song remember me I remember you first verse the first cover song lernedback then with that band was hevens door guns roses version but I intwined it more with bob dylian and my own stamp on it
Description : bassing out tonight
Description : bassing out tonight
Description : im bassing out tonight I was a bass player in all the bands I was in althoim a guitarist at heart
Description : somekinda rock music on my guitar
Description : fealing grungy tonight
Description : on my guitar
Description : something grungy on my guitar
Loops 1 - 25 of 182
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