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Description : monopoly synth 2
Description : this could be any genre
Description : more of the beat broken down
Description : more of the beat
Description : another part off the sequncer
Description : this is a drum macshine seqencer I had to brake it down into parts so it can be here for you more is comming
Description : industrial- made singing thru distortion guitar peadle setting industrial vocals
Description : industrial- made on synth
Description : industrial sound made on harp synth
Description : industrial sound made with sinth
Description : made this singing thru distortion pedal setting industrial vocals then lil bit of editing
Description : industrial- drone made on harp synth
Description : industrial sound made on bass synth
Description : industrial sound made with bass synth
Description : a little bass riff I made into a loop with a bass synth plug in and put on here so maby someone has a track it will fit intoo
Description : loop I made with monopoly synth
Description : made this beat loop using 3 difernt groove box plugins and layerd the beats over each other
Description : I'm building a sound pack lot loops that fit this is alsodone on korg ms 20 synth plugin
Description : made a this loop with korg ms20 plugin and midi keyboard 140 bpm
Description : would fit tecno other electronic music it was made on synth ive tested it out on hiphop and dubstep drum beats it mixes very well it also can go with rock as it sounds like edie van halen only on syth not guitar
Description : I got this bass too record bass into the pc it was so cheap cause it looks likeit was smashed over drums I was gona try fix it or use it for parts but when I got it and checked it out it looks vey badly smashed but it plays good and stay in tune for like I never have too tune it
Description : its only 2 bars but when stretched too more bars it makes a good chorus too a rock song made this on guitar used lot flanger and chorus fx the more I listen to this as a loop it sounds like the music is singing that is a beautiful loop bop bop bahh I have been told I can make the guitar sing by other band mate in many bands growing up I think that's what they ment
Description : 80s washburn pluged into a line6 amp amp has built in fx
Description : I'm using a 80s wasburn pluged into a line 6 spider amp wich is pluged into a behringer umc204hd soundcard no studio fx added
Loops 1 - 25 of 32
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