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Description : if you made a beat with it, hook me up!

Description : made it with GMS.


Description : Dark cloud sound made in FL Sytrus.
Contact me w/ the result. Good Luck!!

Description : Created this sound in Spire.

Description : Just 4 bells in each step.

Description : Made in Wavestation VST

Description : This sound was made in Wavestation.

Description : Loop made in Wavestation.

Description : I used TyrellN6 for this melody.

Description : This loop is nice for Deephouse, Cloudrap etc. or for the drop part in a song.

Description : Made in Nexus2. Pulse sound with a almost closed cut-off.

Description : Made this sound in Sylenth1 with a LD Transmute.

Description : Started at key D. Higher notes are F,G,A,B.
Made in Sylenth1

Description : This lead is switching keys between F and E. Every fourth step it'll roll keys on C and B.

Description : I've made this loop in the Sylenth1 VST on the keys:B,D,F#

Loops 1 - 15 of 15