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Description : just munching on an onion having the time of my life

Description : foley with fx run through a granulizer chopped up n stuff

Description : i cant really do riddim

Description : i cant really do riddim

Description : boom boom kah chicka chicka boom kah chicka

Description : kah chickachicka kah chickachicka kah chicka

Description : drums

Description : bassy wub womp

Description : re re samples

Description : bumpy tikky foley, filtered some of the tikky stuff
stretched stuff for the weird sounds and used eq2 for wubys then i put krush on the second wuby bit

Description : harmor rere samples

Description : bu ka ti poh

Description : sample chops and white lightning

Description : harmor and white lightning

Description : harmor and stereo and krush and white lightning

Description : bunch a foley edited
i think it sounds cool

Description : harmor resampled and chopped a bunch

Description : real drums layerd with foley and synth kick and snare

Description : drums n stuff

Description : harmor

Description : a synth with fracture messing it up

glitch machine makes wicked shit

Description : harmor one shots that have been pissed on n beaten

Description : just some drums

Description : messed with the transistor bass loop abit

Description : transistor bass preset with a note change and slowed down

Loops 1 - 25 of 1184
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