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Description : drop links in the comments
email for custom drums

Description : All sounds are from omnisphere 2

scale is miyako-bushi (pentatonic scale...D, Eb, G, A, Bb, D)

link me to ur product people, I wanna see if anyone can outdo my original ;)

Description : Am--Omnisphere--Bass is played B, D, A, B, A, E. Link if used

Description : couldn't think of a melody for this, but I liked how it vibed link if used. notes in the bassline are A#, A#, A#, G-F#, A#, A#, A#, G#G#G#

Description : comment link if used, enjoy

Description : if you use this please comment a link to your beat, id love to hear what you came up with..

Description : enjoy, comment your thoughts and links to your songs if used

Description : comment your link if used, id love to hear your beats.

Loops 1 - 8 of 8
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