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Description : links xx

Description : is in D Lydian

Description : nice chill chords

Description : cool trav shit

Description : throwaway hats and claps

Description : not bad for 21/Metro stuff. Key is Db Major

Link anything you make plz :)

Description : a dark guitar with a touch of fl keys underneath :)

Link anything you make plz xoxox

Description : dark piano
Link anything you make please!!

Description : Simple drum loop but can definitely be used for a rocky sort of beat

Description : Kinda reminds me of 123

Link anything you make :)

Description : flute made in sytrus but wasnt used

Description : hard ass 808 i didn't use

link anything you make :)

Description : Wasn't feeling it, maybe someone else likes it?

Loops 1 - 13 of 13
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