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Description : 100 bpm, drumroll. 18 different kicks

Description : made this awhile back to go with spivkurls "gone unison bassline"

Description : just a big, open beat at 140 bpm

Description : just playing around in fl :)

Description : a beat from one of my many projects.

Description : dubstep glitch fill

Description : DDDDUUUUUhhhhhhSTEP!!

Description : can't sleep and i'm bored. maybe you can use this?

Description : my first attempt at a trap/dubsteb beat, using the hip hop kit that comes with fl studio. hope ya like it.

Description : classic hip hop hook. no need for credit and recognition, just make sure your track goes hard son. god bless
"I been waitin all week for some S*** to go down i got B**** on deck and my H** is out of town"

Description : trippy little bass i made with the speech editor and some distortions in fl studio

Description : aciddddd

Description : neat little acid loop i made in fl studio

Description : shizaa! enjoy this 130 bpm trippy beat. if you like primus you'll love this one

for anyone who d/l'd this. how did it loop?

Description : the same as the other, but the blast beats continue at the end of the loop to flow smoothly into the next loop. makes for an interesting progression when alterated with the other 146 machine gun

Description : Another Variation on the blast beat
this one at 146 bpm

Edit: This one also loops very good at 180 bpm.

Description : this loop can be layered with the bacon taco intro bass for a really wierd and awesome bassline.
works for hiphop trance, techno, chillout, ambient pretty much anything you can stuff it into
this is 16 bar as well. 70.029 bpm, but they will work on 70 or 140

Description : made with pattern's in the amazing fl studio.
Tempo is 70 bpm, but will loop best at 70.029

Description : 260 bpm blastbeats i made for my outtro. theyve been modified for mass usage :)

Loops 1 - 19 of 19
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