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Description : Made on GB iOS with some traditional Chinese instruments, and a music box.

Description : I made this loop on GarageBand iOS using some Chinese instruments - Pipa and Ehru.

Description : I made this loop using GarageBand iOS. I played the Grand or Classical Piano chords and melody, EQd them, the usual stuff.

Description : Dark / minor key piano made on GarageBand iOS.
All effects are from stock GB plugins / sounds - the more time I spend using this app the more I love it!

Description : Grand piano loop made using Garageband iOS
A minor
Chords: Am, F, G, C

Description : D Minor
Chord Progression: Dm, Gm, C, A
Made using Garageband iOS - love that app. Grand Piano and Classical piano.


Description : Loop made in Garageband iOS with a classical grand piano, edited in FL.

Description : Classical grand piano made in Garageband iOS, edited in FL Studio.

Description : Classical Grand Piano from Garageband iOS with a bit of vintage flavour from FL.

Description : Loop made on GarageBand iOS using the 'Whirly' keyboard, edited in FL Studio 20 with a touch of iZotope Vinyl.

Loops 1 - 10 of 10
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