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Description : 1.Enjoy 2.LINK ME 3.Enjoy again 4. Repeat steps 1-4


Description : Played on a Fender Strat, with the help of Guitar Rig 5 for effects without GR5 I would have had sound issues due to white noise. Check it out and enjoy the loop if you use it for anything just link me or let me know thanks.

Description : Reverb effect 12 string at 130 bpm, Let me know if you use this I'd like to hear what you have. Thanks.

Description : Rhodes 100bpm Enjoy! , Link me if you use it I like to hear what other people can do. Thanks

Description : Made using Pentagon VST, Enjoy, Link me

Description : A nice piano loop I put together for your very own use. But if you do use it link me / let me know cause I enjoy music just as much as the next guy.

Description : Just another one, Enjoy! If you use it just let me know!

Description : Been gone for a bit here is something fresh.

Description : Just a simple melody I made, Was in my personal Library and found that I have not used it so I am donating it to a better cause. Enjoy! I'd really like to hear if you use it in a song or project so link me?

Description : The second part to the other loop (This is not required for the other loop just fits with it) I hope you enjoy!

Description : A cool little loop I made last night !!There is another part to this!! Find it on my loops page!!

Description : Made for you guys on looperman. Un-used loop. Enjoy it.thanks.

Description : Was just messing with a VST of myne. If you use it share with me. Enjoy!

Description : This is a melody I made just to expirament a little bit it serves no purpose to me and has not been used yet. So if you use it let me hear your song please ! Enjoy

Description : Just a relaxing beat to go with a really laid back song. If you use it just let me know! Enjoy.

Description : Add 'Echo' Effect to get real nice results! If you use this let me know. Enjoy!

Description : Beat I am not going to use. Maybe you can use it in a project. If you do use it, Drop me a line! Enjoy.

Description : Another simple but effective loop! If you use this just drop me a link yeah? Enjoy!

Description : I made this loop for song I was making and it just didn't quite fit the way I was thinking maybe someone else can put this to use. If you do use this let me hear your stuff that's all I ask! thanks!

Description : This is just a loop I call crazy chords. I made it when I was bored and had free time. Hope you enjoy!

If you use just let me know thats all I ask :) thanks.

Description : Nice little beat to add to your collection.

If you use it I would like to hear the track :) and maybe a little shout out?

Description : Really laid back beat.

Loops 1 - 22 of 22
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