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Description : Its a plucked harp from sakura bruh

Description : Made this in Nexus. Could also be used for trap or house

Description : Made in Sytrus a while back, comment if you use, i'd love to see what you come up with...

Description : Comment a link of your work if you'd like ;)

Description : Ambient wavy bells for ya

Description : Maybe this is useful for someone...

Description : Made in Sakura on FL 12 yoo

Description : Made in Sakura, its actually a Campfire Guitar...

Description : Made in Sakura. Use with the other Summer Nights sounds

Description : Made in Sakura

Description : Made in Nexus. Get wavyyy

Description : Its an Angelic Whistle made in Sytrus
If you use this maybe send me a link. I'd love to see what ya'll do with it

Description : Made in Sytrus

Description : A reverby church-bell sound.

Description : Made this sad bad boy in Harmless...

Description : Use with Catchy Deep Bass if ya want...

Description : Made in Sytrus

Description : Made in Sytrus

Description : Made in Sytrus and all I added was a Soundgoodizer... Happy New Years peeps!

Description : Made in Autogun yo

Description : Use with Mohican Sun 1 or on its own...

Description : A wavy trippy vibe to this

Description : Make something deep with this...

Description : Made with Sakura in Fl Studio 12

Loops 1 - 24 of 24
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