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Description : My live version of Crossroads, played on my custom Telecaster. These eight bars are designed to make the backup guitar and piano parts more interesting.

Description : Intentionally quirky. The funky Tele sound comes from DiMarzio pickups and a Lab Series L7, the closest match to a 1953 Telecaster and a Vox AC30 amp. Very old Led Zeppelin.

Description : A bluesy country phrase on my 'hot-pickups' Telecaster.

Description : A blue-style country phrase on my 'hot-pickups' Telecaster.

Description : A big ending, designed to bring a tear to the eye. On a Stratocaster in the middle position.

Description : A big intro for a big ballad. This folks, is the real 'crying country' style. On a Stratocaster in the middle position.

Description : A very straight-up country rock ending for a sad or serious tune. The last chord is an Em9.
On a Stratocaster bridge pickup.

Description : The standard Chuck Berry / Eric Clapton position pull, but I've added an octave jump to it, and played clawhammer style. On a Stratocaster in postion four (middle and bridge combined).

Description : In the style of Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps. On the bridge pickup of a Stratocaster.

Description : A roll in Am 6/8 over 3/4 on a Stratocaster bridge pickup. It uses 'robbed time' for dramatic effect.

Description : A big opening for a boogie. More Cowbell! Low midrange boost at 400 Hz, very slight delay. This is my normal 'live' sound.

Description : A variation, this time in Am. The harmonics form a special Gmaj7. A bit rougher sound. BPM = 90 in 3/4 time.

Description : A pedal-steel like phrase on the middle position of a Stratocaster (with a bass boost of 6db at 400Hz).
Very Danny Gatton like. In waltz or 3/4 time at 90 bpm

Description : Rockabilly pulloffs on a Fender Stratocaster, very clean setting, clawhammer or chicken-picking style.
First two bars in E; second two bars in F.
BPM = 120, phrase starts on first beat.

Loops 1 - 14 of 14
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