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Description : :( RIP JUICE

Made dis in FL with Spitfire Labs

Description : Made this in FL its pretty jazzy ya know.
i worte this in B Flat major which should be Gm or A# Major??

Description : I recorded this with my IRig and then I messed it all up in FL studio. Zboi The Matchstick

Description : I made this in FL. Used Synthmaster and Fl Keys

Description : I used FL to makes this bit. I used some free plugins I found online. Enjoy

Description : I recorded this on my Ibanez into my IRig. I did the mix in FL.

Description : I recorded this on my Ibanez into an IRig. Tried to play it with a little more flair and energy the second time around.

Description : I made this with FL and spitfire. I wrote the midi.

Description : I played this live with my Strat J Bass through my IRig. Mixed in Fl.

Description : I used Fl to make this synth patch. I wrote in the melody in midi.

Loops 1 - 10 of 10
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