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Description : Comment if you want the midi! (made in electra)
Description : a phrygian comment for m i d i
Description : comment for the midi file you freaks.
scale is a phrygian
Description : I wanna hear yall murder this so comment your work!
Description : ayyy hmu in the comments
Description : Some scary stuff with that half speed on. Should sound cool pitched up too.
Description : Whats good yall, the @YoMoBeats Stem Kit is in the works, trying to come up with 15 whole melodies and its most likely going to be free... Whose trynna cop? (Scale is d# phrygian btw)
Description : Reminds of Element. Have no use for them.
Description : Played something on my midi and gross beated and reversed it. That is all lol. COMMENT YOUR WORK.
Description : 3 Variations of the drums I used for the "Focus" beat. 808 pattern is CCCDG#CCCA#G#
Description : (Thanks Gross Beat)
I want to make a soundkit with loops and stuff... Would yall cop?
Description : More trap drums with and without 808. Pretty sure this is the same 808 as Magnolia. EAB are the 808 keys.
Description : I chopped these vocals and was genuinely curious if anyone can actually do something cool with it. PLEASE SHARE.
Description : The last drums I posted were doing well but got deleted bc I promoted myself (oops) enjoy and share your work with me! C#, E, D#, G#, A# are the 808 notes.
Description : Thanks Ugly God.
Description : Root Notes in order for the chords- FACGGA
Go make some bangers! Comment your work below.

Also, hmu for collabs and other business.
Description : Fl users hit me up for midi, possibly. Some ambient hip hop/ r&b keys with a Nexus instrument with a lp filter... Enjoy. PLEASE SHARE WHAT YOU MADE.
Loops 1 - 17 of 17
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