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Description : DUN DUN DUN

Description : Havent uploaded much as of late, heres some fire tho

Description : Excision style machine bass line

Description : GROWWWWWL (I know everyone wants these)

Description : Bloodbath bass wobbles

Description : Glitchy piano

Description : Random bassline

Description : as stated in 130 bpm

Description : One of my best in awhile

Description : Dubstep.

Description : Idk. Playing with distortion filters

Description : Didnt think there was much of this yet

Description : As read

Description : Filth in 95 bpm for ZeroSkull

Description : Sitars, dubstep, trippy, idk

Description : Bassline from breakstep im workin on

Description : As read

Description : Another one

Description : Figured some glitch hop would be appreciated.

Description : Filthy little bassline from a moombah track I'm making

Description : wOBBLEz at a bizzare tempo

Description : Kickin filth

Description : Some of you guys on here inspired me to make some chiptune complextro filth!

I'll try to kick out a few more loops like this one

Description : That really sub nasty moving neuro sound
Been messing with this for awhile

Description : Kool little bass-y chord progression I used as an intro

Loops 1 - 25 of 39
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