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Description : I may or may not have pitched down the "Changes" acapella 300 cents and made the piano around it. I just really like F minor tbh

Description : If you have the SoundToys bundle, go to effect rack and under the guitars presets go to "Crystal Choir". It makes sort of a pad sound and the preset was used in All Girls Are The Same. Automate that mug!

Description : This sounds reminiscent of some old song. But yeah I had two meltdowns before I made this loop. Hope y'all's lives are going better than mine right now.

Description : I spent way to long making this for it to be so simple smh.

Description : Keyscape Mellow Piano preset.

Description : ▀▄▀▄▀ 【Sad Boi Vibez】 ▄▀▄▀▄▀

Description : Just a sad XXXTENTACION / Billie Eilish / Juice WRLD type piano loop

Description : Made using The Giant in Kontakt. I was listening to "I love you" by Billie Eilish on repeat, and those major 7th chords were getting me in my feelings, so I made this.
Please send links to what you make!!!!!!

Description : Omnisphere sound

Description : I was definitely on another planet when I made this loop. I used "The Giant" in Kontakt.

Description : This is the final part to the Moonrock series. Please go download the other 2 parts bc they all sound godly together!! Also send me your finished beats bc that's my favorite thing about this site.

Description : Go download the other 2 parts to this please! They sound epic together!!!! Also lmk if I should make a loop pack

Description : Keyscape Grand piano with Valhalla Vintage Verb

Description : MIDI: Nick Mira Mozart Vol. 1/ Dreamchasers
First Sound: Omnisphere/PVLACE essentials 1/Bell-666
Second Sound: Xpand!2 /Fantasy XP by Synth Savior/ Arp - Time Travel

Description : Is it basic? Yes. Do I care? A little actually. I be out here tryna collab btw

Description : It's wavy. I threw on RC-20 Retro Color for that vinyl sound.

Description : In honor of 【Spooky Season】, I made this loop

Loops 1 - 17 of 17
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