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Description : this is an amazing loop performed by my favorite guitar player, none other than Omer Fedi. He is simply a genius

Description : I have been wanting to sample my own voice for the longest! So I stacked my voice about 10 times, and then pitched it down 400 cents. This is the result. The lyrics are "Fired up, from the way you make me feel ooo. Tired of the way you make me feel ooo"

Description : I may or may not have pitched down the "Changes" acapella 300 cents and made the piano around it. I just really like F minor tbh

Description : If you have the SoundToys bundle, go to effect rack and under the guitars presets go to "Crystal Choir". It makes sort of a pad sound and the preset was used in All Girls Are The Same. Automate that mug!

Description : This sounds reminiscent of some old song. But yeah I had two meltdowns before I made this loop. Hope y'all's lives are going better than mine right now.

Description : I spent way to long making this for it to be so simple smh.

Description : Keyscape Mellow Piano preset.

Description :

Description : Just a sad XXXTENTACION / Billie Eilish / Juice WRLD type piano loop

Description : Made using The Giant in Kontakt. I was listening to "I love you" by Billie Eilish on repeat, and those major 7th chords were getting me in my feelings, so I made this.
Please send links to what you make!!!!!!

Description : This is the final part to the Moonrock series. Please go download the other 2 parts bc they all sound godly together!! Also send me your finished beats bc that's my favorite thing about this site.

Description : Go download the other 2 parts to this please! They sound epic together!!!! Also lmk if I should make a loop pack

Description : Keyscape Grand piano with Valhalla Vintage Verb

Description : MIDI: Nick Mira Mozart Vol. 1/ Dreamchasers
First Sound: Omnisphere/PVLACE essentials 1/Bell-666
Second Sound: Xpand!2 /Fantasy XP by Synth Savior/ Arp - Time Travel

Description : It's wavy. I threw on RC-20 Retro Color for that vinyl sound.

Description : In honor of , I made this loop

Loops 1 - 16 of 16
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