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Description : This is a Afro/Dancehall type melody you can hear in club bangers. It has a total summer vibe so you'll be with your head in the clouds
Drop your creations below!
For inspiration, check out my newest track 'Summer Nights' (soundcloud link in bio)

Description : This is is a UK drill type drumloop. 140 bpm and straight fire. This loop was made in FL studio. If you end up using the loop i would love to hear the result! Drop your tracks down below!

* Jay-R Beats

Description : Link your creations below!

Description : These are some buildup drums for your trap/hip-hop/rap track. If you use these drums, drop a comment with a link to your track! I'd like to hear your creations!

I used this loop in my track 'Lucid' (soundcloud link in account bio)

Have fun with the loop!

* Jay-R

Description : These are some drums i can hear Lil Nas X on.
The 808 is in F (key)
Check out my profile for some *fitting* Lil Nas X type bells.


* Jay-R

Description : These are some bells, made in morphine, inspired by the sound of Lil Nas X.
Check out my profile for the Lil Nas type drums that fit with this loop!


* Jay-R

Description : These are sum drums i can hear Travis Scott on!
Definitely good for Travis Scott type beats and so on.
Have fun with the loop and comment your creations below!

[*] Jay-R [*]

Description : The title says enough, enjoy!

- Jay-R

Description : You can use this on anything, enjoy!

- Jay-R

Description : These are some had hitting drums for your hard hitting tracks. Enjoy!

- Jay-R

Description : Didn't know how to use this in a track, but throwing away melodies hurts my soul, so hopefully this is some inspiration for y'all!

Description : Hi y'all, i'm back with another drumloop!
This time i've made some vibeey hip-hop/trap drums. Hope y'all enjoy, leave a comment if you used the loop, i'd love to hear what y'all make with my loops!

- Jay-R

Description : This is a Chill hiphop/rap/lo-fi hiphop drumloop.
This one is a bit more advanced then the last one, and imo it has some more emotion added to it.

Description : Here's ya typical west coast melody (fits with my recently uploaded west coast drumloop)

- Jay-R

Description : Here's ya tipical west coast drumloop,

- Jay-R

Description : More Blueface babyyyyy

Description : Hiya!
This melody is inspired by some of Juice's songs producds by: Nick Mira, Purps (808 mafia) and so on..

Have fun with the loop, and share your creations down below!

Description : Hey y'all, it's been a minute, but i'm back with another loop!
This time it is a Blueface type of drumloop, inspired by his song 'Daddy'

Post ur beat if you made something with this loop, i'd love to hear it!

Description : Hopefully sum inspiration for y'all.
A seperate loop with chords will follow.
Have fun!

Description : This is the Juice Wrld type of beat, without drums, so only the melody. Have fun!

Description : Heyy, i love Juice's album so much. He's so inspiring for me and my production. This is a Juice Wrld type of beat.This are just the drums of the loop. A separate loop is uploaded aswell, with the melody of this beat Hope y'all enjoy!

Description : yooo buddies. i am listening to juice wrld alot lateley and mentioned that his producer shares the same vibe as me. so i made a drumloop like you would hear it in one of juice wrld's tracks, but with a little twist :) please link your track if you used it in one of your projects :D


Description : Amazing drumloop, best i've made so far.

More loops comin'soon

Link your track in the description below!

Description : Hey, thanks for all your tips, i now made a beter loop beacause of the 808s not overlapping, thanks for saying that to me, love y'all

Description : Hype up, more lit trap drums comin' soon!

Share your track in the comments if you used this loop, and i'll check it out!

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