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Description : PART 2/2

have fun, drop links, and hmu

Description : im back ! try reverse the pad it sounds pretty cool.
PART 1/2

Description : Hey, its been a while. I heard it was your birthday so i made a loop for you. Have a great bornday !

Description : Bluesy organ loop that can be used as a base building block in most genres if youre good enough lmao

also let me know what type of loops you guys want because im just testing the waters with this one

Description : I call this one "whip it"

New song out now boysss and as always LINKS DOWN BELOOWWW

Description : Its christmas so I tried making a festive bell loop to clickbait you all but this loop isnt festive enough.

Description : Also sounds like its from an old vinyl, because its still me.

Part 2/2

Links please

Description : Sounds like its from an old vinyl, but its just from me.

Part 1/2

Description : hello i hope youre having a good day today except if youre the court of law :)

Description : its a loop

Description : Make some non trap bangers with this

See my page for previous accompanying loop :)

Description : Dear EDM/Techno/House producers,

Want to headline Techno music festivals? Use this loop.
Want to make Techno bangers like Tiesto? Use this loop
Want to make a techno song? Use this loop.

links down below comrades

Description : Try experimenting with delays and reverbs on this one. Send me what you create i guess... >:(

Description : Cluedo !
Busy working on my version now. Send me yours :))

Description : Travis Scott? Young Thug? Maybe even Smino? Airy Organ loop, made with my favourite and only keyboard collection, The Roland SRX.

Description : A japanese shamisen inspired loop created with a the Roland SRX keyboard. You know the drill, links DOWN BELOW

Description : Nice little flute loop. oh and SONG LINKS DOWN BELOW PLEAsE thanks

Description : If i could listen to only one thing on repeat in space it would be this loop because this loop is so spacey. Made on a Roland SRX Keyboard, with love.

Drop your creations below '+\;.

Description : I cried while making this loop. Add reverb and delay to cry harder.

Description : A crispy, succulent, swag infused loop destined for rocky to spit on...


Description : Happy dance melody. Made it with my own two bare hands. SEND ME YOUR SONGS!!

Description : Accompanying melody to Ominous Alien loop. Fast paced, energetic loop. Used garageband and a U-he synth with some effects. Lmk if you use it :)

Description : Fast paced, energetic loop. Used garageband and a U-he synth with some effects. No added reverb or delay.

Loops 1 - 23 of 23
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