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Description : A slow single strum through a minor progression.
It is done in F minor at 80BPM.
Key and Chords are given.

Description : This loop came about by accident, I did a pop loop on my piano and I tried to translate it into midi, but it didn't sound right...

I tinkered around with it, I put it into D/Bm and lowered the tempo and I was surprisingly pleased with the results.


Description : Judging by the feedback that I have got, simpler is better. The less one puts into a loop, the more versitile it becomes. Here is a loop made up of aprigated chords. As with all the other meditations it is in A/Fm

Description : This is the third variation of the piano meditation series, this is the most complex of them. This is the merging of two parts, Meditations 1 and 4 are the seperate components.

Description : This is a strange loop as the melody is in the bass and that the treble has chords. I hope you enjoy it.

Description : This look can be used for anything, it is merely aprigated chords. It is in the key of A/Fm (I think)

Description : Here is a piano piece, the chords for this are GGCGCDD it's in 3/4

Description :

Description : 4 Trombones and 4 Tenor Saxes do stacatto chords.

Description : This is my attempted recreation of Jump5's "I surrender all" piano intro. it is not perfect yet, but I am getting there.
I can do it perfectly on piano, but due to the sustain pedal, I cannot recreat it perfectly in FLStudio. Also the ghost note is slo

Description : Simple riff on the guitar, gets cut off at the end though.

Description :

Description : This is some fingerpicking done with my distort on. I usually do this pattern on my accoustic.

Loops 1 - 13 of 13