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Description : This sounds great with some basic lofi drums and vinyl. The first half is an intro, and the second half is the main melody, so you can split it as you'd like.
Chords: BM G#m D#m Edim

Description : Beatiful Juice WRLD/Nick Mira type rhodes chords and melody
Em7, DM6, GM, CM9

Description : Laid back trap piano that has a nostalgic vibe.
Chords: G#M Cm Fm C#M

Description : Piano melody with a little fx
Chords: Cm BbM AbM Gm

Description : Piano that has been reversed and cut multiple times. Sounds amazing with halftime.
While I'm not entirely sure what the chords are, I think they are Em and (DM or DM/F#)

Description : Sad Piano melody with lots of reverb.
Chords: (Gm FM EbM Dm)

Description : Light Upbeat Piano Melody
Bass Notes (EbM Gm FM)

Description : Piano with a slight wobble and nice reverb/delay

Description : Piano melody that has been pitch shifted, exported, and pitch shifted multiple times.
Bass notes: C# A G#

Description : Bass notes are G# and E

Description : Bass notes: F# F# D D C#

Description : Simple 2-5-1 chord progression
(Bass notes are F#, B, E, G# C#)
6/8 time

Description : (e D6 e b7)

Description : (Bb7 C6 Bb7 C6)
You can substitute a7 in for the C6 if that works better for you

Description : Chill synth with some nice chords to go along with it
(C7 Bdominant7 e7)
If you make something cool with it, Id love to hear it!

Description : High piano melody with a little reverb
(g# d# E7)

Description : You can use this as an intro for another piano melody i posted earlier if you want.

Description : Piano loop with reverb.
If anyone makes something with this, be sure to link it so I can hear it!
Progression (d a Bb7 a)

Loops 1 - 18 of 18