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Description : influenced by Jeff Porcaro 'rossana shuffle', I made my own half-time shuffle using Addictive Drums plugin.

Description : Acid with some delay.

Description : I made this loop using u-he Diva synth.

Description : This one is in 3/4 beat.
I really love all aspects 3/4 can give you.
Enjoy! :)

Description : Another chilled one for you.
Some drum are tonal when you listen through headphones and so, the tone is A.
Actually somewhere between A and A#.

Description : One more, for chilled folks! :)

Description : This is another polirythmic beat. It is 5/4.
Some of the drums are tonal and they are in tone C

Description : One more deep chill beat.
Enjoy! :)

Description : One more relaxing beat.
Enjoy! :)

Description : This is the sound of Siku. South american pan flute.
Enjoy! ;)

Description : Little native melody :)
Flute is tuned on 432hz.

Description : You can use it as a pad but it is more like atmosphere with melody.

Description : This loop is made in 7/4. I dont know if polirhytmic is popular on this site, but I find it cool and ill try to put it here anyway. :)
It is weird but it has its own logic.
Enjoy :)

Description : Relaxing loop I made using Fl studio
If you use this loop in your songs, I would like to hear it.
Thank you. :)

Description : This loop I created playing on SampleTank2 vst.
If you use it I would like to hear your song. Thank you :)

Loops 1 - 15 of 15