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Description : This matches the Piano Melody below.

Description : Little simple Piano Melody with saw synth in same sequence behind it.

Description : Same as before,different notes etc.

Description : Here is a 4 bar Loop.
Created in Nexus.
Deep guitar EQ'd to sound more of electric Sitar.
If you use this please link your tracks below I'd love to hear it used!

Description : urm, heres a little piano thingy, sounds good in buildups or breakdowns

Description : Here is a gr8 piano loop inspired by dv8's shine! have fun with this!

Description : Piano Loopy inspired by Prozaxxx (hardstyle tunage)

Description : here is a sweet angelic harp melody i made

Description : Here is a dark piano melody...have fun!

Description : Here is another piano loop!

Description : Something i made today, hope someone somewhere can use it!

Description : Here is something i cooked up

Description : Here is a bassline for hardcore/dance tracks, bass is tronic.

Description : Here is a bassline for hardcore, dance tracks, 8 bars at 170bmp

Description : Here is a riff of twinkle twinkle little star with a with a twinkle bass too,

Description : Another hardstyle kick 16 bars.

Description : Here is a panflute loop, would fit any genre too!

Description : Here is a piano loop, would suit any genre when used properly i guess. but i thought dance being music is something to dance to..

Description : A Trance Piano Loop, Echoes aswell.

Description : Really can be used as any genre, leaning towards hardstyle/rave though.

Description : Here is a simple hardcore bass, western hardcore style.

Description : Simple 4/4 Donk Bass, for HardTechno/Core.

Description : Here is a trance bassline, same sequence as the other but with a different, softer instrument.

Description : Here is a simple Trance Bassline.

Description : A Reverse Crash FX

Loops 1 - 25 of 32
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