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Description : A typical UK drill bounce as I know this beat can be difficult to achieve.
I used basic drum sounds from various kits to create this.

Just put this on top of a melody - and you're sorted! (contact for separate stems)

Description : A UK Garage drum beat

Please share what you made!

Description : This loop is a favourite of mine so please put it to good use!

Also please share the fire beats you make with this for all to enjoy. I also EQ'd out the low to better your mix! *re-up

Description : Didn't really know how to use this one so I'm giving it to you lot, hope you enjoy. Please post your fire beats you made with this!

Made with ElectraX, Halftime

Description : This is my second loop on looperman - i hope you lot 'murda' this one ;)
Made with: ElectraX
Effects: Halftime, ShaperBox, EQ

Description : Hey everyone, this is my first loop on looperman! It was recently featured on Kyle Beats yt on the sub melodies video. Please share what you made :)

Loops 1 - 6 of 6
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