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Description : piano with gross beat on the first 8 bars then it cuts out on the second 8. Has a little detune and some reverb

Description : Omnisphere patch with a bunch of effects if you want the midi pm

Description : Bells with an arp all sounds from omnisphere in the style of Southside goes with the southside drums

Description : Drums in the style of Southside from 808 mafia goes with the southside melody

Description : southside x 88GLAM type bell used electrax and some gross beat

Description : Dune 2 preset, lead is wonky but perfect for any type of beat

Description : minor harmonic scale used purity

Description : Southside Piano using purity and Effectrix

Description : quick little bell put some gross beat on and you got a banger.

Description : Reversed piano used Gross beat and Nexus.

Description : My first drum loop, tell me how it is

p.s the kick is peaking my bad just put a soft clipper on and you'll be good.

Description : Bell in the style of southside used nexus and gross beat.I know you can make something brazy with this.

Description : Melody from one of my beats called "Green Light" used nexus.

Description : Used in one of my beats called "Bad Vibes"

Loops (14)