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Description : Some samples and live hats. set at a flavorful but simple arrangment so it may be open to many different uses. enjoy =]

Description : Some drums i was working on for a recent project. very dubbish. maybe this will help someone create the backbone of theyre track. feel free to use.

Description : Simple Drum set. solid base for a good old school feel track, But also allows for alot of room for personalized creativity for u who pic this up. =]

Description : good head bobbin music. perfect for addin some old school hip hop flavor to your drum set.

Description : really awsome pad preset. simple riff, but great sound. enjoy =]

Description : left the tune dry, but sounds great with some reverb and a teensy bit of delay. i didnt really know how to classify this one, but im sure someone will find this usefull somehow. =]

Description : Fun melodic progression. left the tune dry so u could decide how much delay or reverb fit your track. once all that is added on, it really brings out the magic in this one.

Description : Smooth drums. Focused toward more relaxing or meditative dubstep tracks. enjoy =]

Description : Simple set of drums, that i was drummin out on my desk at college the other day. Came home, and instantly starting crackin at reproducing it.

Description : so i felt bad about using the "Roboter" preset in Sytrus, so i basically went into sytrus and remade the preset, with my own tweaks....

im happy with, hopefully u will be too.

Description : imma big fan of southern hip hop, the groove, and swag, and the organs especially.


Description : designed this synth myself in albino (open up "Initial z preset" to start from scratch) im pretty proud of it. hope someone will find it useful

Description : I like these pair of drums... still more punchy kicks and smack you across the face snares.

Description : Been using dnb almost exclusively, even for my hip hop tracks. Their just so punchy, fat, and hard hitting. Dont think i'll be using anything else any time soon.

fat snare, simple percussive elements, punchy kick that stuck right threw my bassline

Description : Used in my track "Cutz". Been playing with analogue sounds (which i am more and more drawn to) hope u can find some use for it. Made in Albino (as usual)

Description : one of my more favorite tunes ive done. I stripped down a preset in albino, and ran it thru some effects and got this sound. i love it.

Description : pitched lower, and a slightly different cord progression.

Description : Lead tune used in Slow Rida. I like it. Used Albino3 to pop this one out

Description : background organs. Hope someone finds it usefull

Description : used in Slow Rida. good for those "break it down" moments.

Description : Simple hip hop drum set. hope some1finds it usefull

Description : same basic drum progression as the first set, but this one ends with an off snare.

Description : Drum loops i made and used in Gone. Used some ethnic precussion to layer this one. Thot it would add the to feel of the song

Description : Used in "Gone". Sounds somthin like a horn. Made in Albino 3

Description : background synth used in Gone.

Loops 1 - 25 of 26
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