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Description : Seriously, don't let me say anything, just play it with the "125 Bpm Granular Drum" loop and be amazed, I promise you it's epic XD

Description : Seriously, don't let me say anything, just play it with the "125 Bpm Granular Bass" loop and be amazed, I promise you it's epic XD

Description : Hope you enjoy this pad, it's supposed to be super serene and calming but is played in such a way it'll un nerve you.

Description : Some Discoish funky synth nodules to spice up your tracks (hopefully?!)

Description : This is a grooving drum loop I made for any funkers that want to get jiggy!

Description : Very funky almost sliding bass sounding bass but all synthesised, hopefully you enjoy.

Description : Here is a weird beat with a weird placement in the stereo field via different processing, it then moves back into the regular beat.
Hear it for yourself, if you enjoy then yay :)

Description : This is the second version and is twice as long with a much more glitched beat so enjoy.

Description : This is a very glitchy loop and there is also the "Viper Beat Loop 2" that you can use with subtle alterations for your beatmakingness.

Description : Very inspired by the sounds of the holy meerkat, it's also a orhestralish loop so hopefully enjoy.

Description : Here is a Rhode's Piano loop I made, it's all reversed but sounds pretty neat.

Description : Here is a pad with my vocals in the background to give it a different dynamic edge. Hope you guys like it!

Description : Pad's & Subtle Piano's, lush, at least I hope it is, all of my loops SHOULD loop perfectly if they don't I really am sorry, they sounded fine on my end.

Description : Very very bit-crushed percussion recorded in my Bedroom and then Re-sampled until it sounded right, hopefully ya'll dun enjoy this here loop!

Description : Very strange melody with a groove in the background, once again more of the Lakefield loops which I aimed at being deep and cinematicish... if thats a word :L?

Description : Deep and melodic piano chords that will accompany any of the Industrial Lakeland loops I upload. Enjoy.

Description : This is a very experimental almost "Soldier Marching" Loop I made, most of the loops I'll be uploading over the coming weeks will have been made during the Looperman drought so have fun and enjoy!

Description : This is a really weird distinctively Arabic melody that I just made but didn't find a use for so why waste it when you guys can enjoy eh?

Description : This is a loop I made using only a synthesiser, it was pretty much by accident but I had to record it and bounce it down for people to use so here you are!

Description : This is part of my Metallic Disturbance collection Loops, it's hard hitting percussion but in a half time beat, if you have any requests for synths or sounds just ask me and I'll see what I can do for you, once again thanks for listening to my loops and i

Description : This crazy little beat is made with a lot of compression and bit crusher, hopefully you enjoy it. :)
Many more to come and as always, check out my Looperman page for my quality loops.

Description : I used a spectral Filter and other effects with a varied amount of modulated Bit crusher on myself clicking my tongue on the top of my mouth. This is the end result of a couple of minutes so hopefully you enjoy this weird loop.
(The title says "172 Bpm W

Description : This s inspired by the track Open Page by Lenzman and Riya (one of my personal favourites)
I hope you enjoy this simple loop and use it in one of your tracks, please let me know if you do, thanks.

Description : This is a morphing LFO'd pad with a small beat mixed in, it hopefully sounds cool and anyone asks I can always upload a version without the beat.
Hope you enjoy.

Description : This is just a mixture of three different basses modulated with a similar LFO to make them Oscillate nicely, hopefully the bassline sounds good enough to be in one of your tracks and maybe you can credit me or at least let me hear what you come up with.

Loops 1 - 25 of 53