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Description : This bass has a deep, throaty sound, with a bit of pluckyness and a lot of character. That being said, there is a lot of distortion and a sub bass included. For best results don't add another sub (I sound like an instruction manual huh?) Key of F#

Description : This is a pretty insane bass if I may say so myself. It already has the sub bass under it, so just drop it in and you are good to go!

Music theory wise, it's Gb minor, but the 2nd is flattened. (I think this is phrygian or something like that, music t

Description : Title basically sums it up. Hard kick, hard snare, shuffling hi hats. Made it in FL Studio.

Description : This one I took a special pride in, so I figured you guys might like it. It's a bass in the key of F#/Gb, and the only notes are the root and semitone. Hope you enjoy! would love to hear anything you do with it!

Loops (4)