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Description : Just playing around ! Enjoy

Description : Ive put this up because i get alot of request's to add the Kick & Snare so people can cut it up and use bits they will need . ENJOY

Description : If you want any help how i made this loop , FEEL FREE TO ADD ME ON SKYPE: Skipy1238

Description : If you want to know how i make these melodies please feel free to add me on Skype: Skipy1238

Description : Just a load of sounds i threw together lol


Description : If you guys have any questions on how i make these synths please go to my looperman profile and find the link to my Facebook page ! Like it and send me a message !!

Description : You guys love the melody's i piece so here is something new :)

Description : Just something i was working on .. I didnt mean to get the borgore baseline haha

Description : Another drum loop that i have made ! Enjoy

Description : After this relaxing synth im going to making a much more complicated dubstep synth ! i Love This one took me a while to make and get the rite bits , I hope you enjoy it to ! and please ! Download my others to !! Alot of great stuff with great reviews im sure will like !

Description : this is just the kick and snare for the drum loop i have uploaded , I put this up so you people can use the hard kick and snare so you can expand of it yourself ! Enjoy !!

Description : Just a new drum loop im progressing on with a really hard snare !! PLEASE IF YOU WOULD LIKE ANY ALTERATIONS PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ASK !!

Description : Just added a little variation to it ! :D

Description : Just a heavy dubstep wobble i made with mad bass !

Description : Something i just pieced together with added help to make a drop for you guys !

Description : So more people have asked to put a drum loop with FX just put it with a synth and it will combine very nicely ! IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS OR REQUESTS PLEASE LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE AND LET ME KNOW LINK IS IN MY PROFILE :D Enjoy !!!

Description : People are asking me to make some more drum loops from may facebook fanpage , If you want any questions about production or requests please go to my facebook page and like if you would like FX with it LET ME KNOW ! The link for my fanpage is in my profile :D Enjoy !

Description : so i few people e-mailed me asking the drum loop to be with fx , Well here you go ! if you like my loops or wish to contact me aboutany questions in music please like skipys facebook page ( link in my profile ) because this really does help me out alot ! Thank you all for the support plenty more coming soon with the filthiest bass yet !!

Description : Again not from the dark dubstep synth but still very catchy ! PLEASE LIKE MY FACEBOOK PAGE IF YOU WISH TO CONTACT ME ( Contact info )

Description : Just a re upload of a heavier skrillex growl !

Description : This wobble was so heavy it gave me a headache just making it , A few people have asked me on facebook to make them something like this , ENJOY !! LET THIS LOOP OVER IT WILL SOUND GOOD THEN !!!

Description : Just a basic drum loop , If you guys want some FX with it , Let me know and i will upload it !!

Description : Random Bass loop

Description : Excision/Datsik

Description : Some koan/kill the noise !!

Loops 1 - 25 of 33