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Description : you either like it our you don't

Description : Maybe you like, maybe you don't like.

Description : make that sauce drip

Description : Hope u enjoy it. Comment what u made w/it. I'll check it.

Description : Just for you. Please check my Soundcloud as I'm trying to be a mediocre/average rapper as well (bio)

Description : Throw-away loop. Send me anything you made with it!

Description : some hard trap drums you might like to use. post your Soundcloud links with it.

Description : nice metro boomin type bells. Something Future or 21 savage would rap on

Description : I used this for my latest beat I made for SoundCloud. I tought I'd share it with you guys. Post your links!

Description : Started a LO-FI type beat. didn't finish it. Go cook 4 me chef

Description : Drumloop i made for my latest "Joey Bada$$ type beat" and I felt like sharing it here

Description : Chopped version of the "wavy Travis Scott type loop" Hope you enjoy it.

Description : Made it and felt like sharing it

Description : One of the loops I made for my new beat I made on Soundcloud. Share your Flips!

Description : I made a dope beat and put it on Soundcloud and I decided to share the loop I made in the beat with y'all. I was also planning on using this beat for my EP, But Ey. Hit me up if you made something better with it. Always up for collaboration. Enjoy.

Description : The marimba is detuned at -50. I thought it made a sick sound. Post your links in the comments if you want a like on your track

Description : Idk what to do with it. Send me some of your stuff if u used my loop, I'm curious for the flip$

Description : Loop I used for my 2nd song called "Levi'$ Shophar Language". Let me see what you guys make of it.

Description : IDK what to do with it, you can use it for commercial use and stuff if you want

Loops 1 - 19 of 19