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Description : i dont konw the key

Description : i dont know the key

Description : I dont konw the key

Description : F# mionr

Post a link from the beat you made

Description : Pvlace Loop

Description : 112Bpm
F# harmonic minor

Description : Played in flstudio
im open for collabs
Dsharp Harmonic minor

Description : Asharp minor harmonic

Description : A# minor
136 Bpm

Hmu for more loops

Description : D# Minor
140Bpm (Just loop it)
For more loops, dm me

Description : F moll 4 Bars
Post a link from you`re beat in the comments
112 Bpm

Description : D# minor Harmonic -210 cents
Played with omnisphere chopped whit fruty slicer

I hope you like my lps brther

Description : Stole the chords from lucid dreams and played it in flstudio whit omnisphere

Description : Played it and chopped it up
Fl studio, omnisphere

Loops 1 - 14 of 14