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Description : This may be the last I upload on here. I hope you enjoy.

Description : I pitched it down a bit and it sounds amazing.


Description : My Russian blood's making me make madness lol enjoy! Show me what you'll make!

Description : Seeing as many of you don't know I'm Mixed race, my dads family is Russian so I thought I'd make something for the Mother Land! In Soviet Russia you don't play the Accordion, Accordion plays you!

Description : I was just messing around, hopefully you like it and make something out of it.

Description : I originally posted this but deleted it due to me wanting to use it for myself, but got so many emails and messages asking they really want it lol. So I'll be nice and put it back up again! Enjoy it :)

Description : Don't really make Drill and Trap anymore but I've had this saved for ages and wanted to upload it ages ago. Enjoy it and show me what you got!

Description : I love the Arabic Violins so I thought I'd make something for you guys! Show me what you can do with this!!

Description : Just a little something

Description : I uploaded this a while back, I hope you enjoy it.

Description : I really like Dembow music and thought I'd make this little drum loop. Enjoy.

Description : Don't really make trap music but thought you guys might like this.

Description : Experimenting on some stuff.

Loops 1 - 13 of 13